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Running your own business isn't all wine breaks & sunset manicures on the lanai (truthfully, I've never gotten a manicure, let alone a manicure on a lanai, so I'm not 100% sure that's a thing, but it seems like it should be based on social media feeds I've seen.) So when you find ANY little bit of something that helps make the work flow easier, you want to share it. Especially when you can get a little affiliate commission from spreading the love. Thanks, Amazon! The below items are items I not only use, but depend on to make work less work-y and more manageable.

Screenshot 2022-10-14 200250.png

5TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive

Kicking off my list of absolute MUST haves is this 5TB external hard drive. NOW, if you're not the type that needs to store a bunch of stuff, keep scrolling. This isn't your cuppa. But if you are an entrepreneur that does ANYthing that involves digital files STOP and keep reading.

Not only does this make moving files easy as pie, it helps keep files on hand for those clients that seem to come out of the woodwork 10 years later (I would bet money they have an alarm that goes off the minute you delete their file) asking for a logo, or design. NO more sweating bullets or bogging down your computer. Just plop those files here and keep your baby runnin' like a steam engine.

Zero cloud storage fees. No risk of hacking. No passwords. Just good ol' fashioned storage.


Screenshot 2022-10-15 125410.png

Bluelight Glasses

When your Dad tells you that you look like the Fighting Irish mascot when you work, you take notice. Nothing against the snarly Irish bloke (I mean, look at our branding, ok?) but as a female? It's not the look you're going for. And eye strain is a REAL problem for those of us tethered to our screens. I was skeptical when I ordered these, but quite literally blown away by the lessening of headaches. The ease on my eyes is something I do not take for granted and these babies look great while keeping your eyes happy.


Screenshot 2022-10-15 142931.png

Multi-functioning Standing Desk

Sitting all day behind a desk may be great when you're in your 20s, but beyond that you start to notice, quickly, how a sedentary lifestyle can literally suck the life out of you. Neck pain from crappy posture, weight gain from lack of movement, low energy and even increased brain fog which leads to terrible productivity. So it actually ends up costing you money to sit.  Whaaat? 

Luckily, standing desks exist, along with a slew of interactive movement-generating tools you can add to the mix to really harness that energy and feel better doing it.


Screenshot 2022-11-23 190130.png

Wobble Mat

One of those accessories I mentioned to go along with the standing desk?  (It's actually pictured with it and I just now noticed it.) This baby right here. If you're like me, or most people I think, I don't know... standing in one spot for hours is impossible. I gotta do something with my legs and usually wind up striking a Captain Morgan-esque pose with a nearby stool just to do something. Until this.

This literally has you working your core muscles while keeping your body from fatigue, while you work. Heads up, it does take some getting used to, especially when typing. But it's so worth it.


Screenshot 2022-10-14 200409.png

Apple iPad

Creating amazing brands and marketing campaigns is so much more fun when you can take your work anywhere you want and let inspiration hit you when it feels free to. 

With its powerful iOS and apps for just about anything you can want to do or accomplish, stuffing it in your bag and going is great. Wanna type up a proposal? Sketch out a new logo for a client? Type up your memoir? Whatever your heart's desire, this machine makes work much more efficient. Did I mention, music, movies, streaming and games? I mean... business-y apps.


Screenshot 2022-11-23 184125.png

Digital Pencil

When your beloved child throws your Apple Pencil into the toilet, there are quite a few things that run through your head. All of which are NSFW. But I digress. After going through at least a dozen different, much cheaper digital pens, and realizing you pay for what you get, EUREKA, I struck gold! This pen not only ACTS like a real pen but it's a fraction of the cost of the Apple Pencil AND I actually think it makes for better digital drawing. A must for anyone in the design field, your pen is your sword. Your trusty stead. And this one is grand.


Screenshot 2022-11-23 181633.png

Neuro Gum

When you literally create for a living it can be exhausting. Not that other jobs aren't just as exhausting it's just that I am a creator and Mom and exhausted A LOT. So  yeah, I've had my fair share of Rockstar Energy drinks, and green tea and blah blah... and I'm sure they did give me a pop of energy but nothing really gave me a steady lift. I know, right now I sound like someone trying to make sense of the drug addiction. But honestly even copious amounts of coffee didn't make a dent. Plus, I'm not a big coffee fan in the first place. This gum is ideal because it lets me grind my teeth in annoyance while sending fluttery bits of energy to my bloodstream. Perfection.



Pixel Surplus

When you're in the midst a mega-design project and need either inspiration or collateral quick, Pixel Surplus is an invaluable resource. By creating a free account, you'll find completely free fonts and vector bundles to marginally priced options. Whatever your brand, you will find what you're looking for here.


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