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Everything your business needs for success, in one place. Content, marketing, web dev & design, SEO, social media mgmt & copywriting. A Dying Art Company Ltd. helps you build, foster & scale your business, minus the headache.

SEO-driven, responsive, custom-curated,
content-fully-loaded websites.
Everything you need to launch, zero hidden fees & add-ons.

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Client Hubbub

"Kate helped me with numerous book covers and branding, not to mention, the website expertise that helped me not only crack the top ten once on Amazon but numerous times over. This girl knows her stuff and seems to be an unending fount of creativity."

John Echols, Author & Consultant

Do you relish every aspect of your business?

Of course not. So WHY are you constantly fighting just to create half-assed content, rudimentary designs and boost traffic without any passion for those things?
Guess what?
When you do something without passion IT SHOWS.

Stop wasting time trying to do something that you don't like to do, let alone have no idea how to do. You wouldn't try and remove that mole on your cheek, would you?  Nope. You'd call a surgeon    for guaranteed results.

Have you ever been searching for something online and WHOOSH you get sucked into the white-noise tsunami of every website looking like the next? Nothing stands out. Nothing differentiates. And before you know it you're just clicking on whatever site you're on (or drooling while you sleep) because who cares at that point?

Yeah, we don't do that.

Your site, your content, your look is going to bring attention. It's going to hit your visitors like a ray of ocean sunlight and make them take note. That's what we do.

We meet you where you are & hit the ground running.

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Do the words "mobile friendly" make your brain hurt?

Is "brand identity" parseltongue to you?

Is your CTA lacking gusto?

Lets get your business into this century.


We do that.



Stymied by the 6 month proposal timeline? So are we! Designers that don't understand you or your business. You want guidance to help you make the decisions that are going to help you find success FAST.

You wanted results yesterday.

Adios, trial and error!

It's time to Get It Up.

Nothing kills the buzz of a fresh prospect faster than stale content. Whether it's website or social media. What you're putting out there says more about your business than you may realize.

People bounce. Sales go down.

The darkness closes in with the weight of a horse blanket drenched in sweat.

Don't be sweaty.

We're your deodorant.


Is your "design guy" a bit of an enigma? There to get your deposit and then POOF! gone when you need them?


Are you tired of expressing yourself through emails that seem to go ignored?

You deserve more.

We take your calls.

We chat. We listen.

We work for your business.


SEO & Google Ads
Web Traffic

Site Audits


Monthly & Beyond PACKAGES

If your site is a hidden gem, that's a problem. Jump-start your organic SEO. Build momentum for your products or newly launched site.

We do that, too.

What is your website up to when you're not around?
Find out now.

Knowing where you can tighten things up on your website is an invaluable tool to keeping ahead of the competition and rolling onto success. And yet, so many people neglect a yearly site audit.

ADA compliance, algorithm changes, Google updates, keyword trends. These change ALL the time.

Wouldn't it help to know if your site is doing all it can to bring you what you want?

Tidbits & Insights
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