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The Bold and the Beautiful

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Why We Don’t Do Cookie Cutter

Yes, a good 95% of the sites I design for clients is based on the Wix platform. For numerous reasons that I won’t regale you with here. But here are the top reasons I recommend Wix to most of my clients:

1. Ease of editing and updating. My clients are DIYers, well, the vast majority, and they don’t have money flying out of their asses like the Koch brothers. So ease of use is a must for future, non-design based updates. And truthfully, you don’t get easier than Wix. Yes, there may be a learning curve but it’s so minor nearly all of my clients are able to edit their site as needed upon completion. Which is a win win because frankly, I’m not fond of making small edits. Not that I won’t but my bread and butter is the creation. It’s where my passion lies. Not updating schedules or hours of operation. Plus, it keeps the small business budget in check. Nothing like shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars for some site maintenance to put a squeeze on your dreams.

2. Don‘t let anyone bamboozle you with phony fear tactics of why one hosting company or platform is better. I’ve migrated dozens of “sophisticated,” “coded,” and “professionally developed,” sites from Wordpress and the like and every... single... one was a design improvement. Both technically and aesthetically. And the best part? No more security patches and user liability. There is a group of designers out there that like to tout their YouTube-tutorial-credentials as though it sets them apart from other web designers. Don’t be fooled. They will tell you this can only be done with that and that can only be done with this and it will cost thousands. With Wix‘s ever-evolving arsenal of integrations and upgrades, it’s just more BS.

So with those things in mind, why would someone want to use a template based web design platform when the biggest point about their business is to stand out? Aren’t templates the exact opposite of that? In a word: mmm hmm. And that’s where we come in. You will run across the designer who will simply plug and play your info into a nicely designed template. And hey, if that works for what you need, rock on! We don’t do that. I mean we will if you ask us but as I said above, creation and design are our passions. So it‘s not really our style. We love creating bold and vibrant websites that speak to the client’s business. With a website you have the ability to really tell your story... any way you like. And we relish working with the clients that want to say it out loud and with gusto.

Your business is an extension of you, so embrace it. Revel in it. Make it sing. And we will help you translate it into brilliant web design. A site that doesn’t just say what you do but acts it out in vivid three act Shakespearean array of engagement.

So when in doubt, be bold and beautiful. Be funny and off beat. Be stoic and macabre. Be whatever the hell you want. Because while good design can get you business, great design coupled with your soul, will create a dynasty.

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