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Into the Mystic

So, wanna know the one thing that can really get under the skin of your designer? Faster than a nail from a pneumatic air gun? Assumptions. For this designer, anyway. See, when I start a project I want to see it through its creative process. The turns and ins and outs. The evolution of creation. It's addicting. And it's one of the things about my profession that I absolutely relish. So when I get a client that hires me, only to either squash that creativity out like a Marlboro butt or completely take it upon themselves to "tweak" it into something unrecognizable to what we started, it irks me. (Imagine Godzilla kicking over buildings. That's what it's like in my brain.) Not because I feel I am some all-powerful design goddess who must be adhered to, but because, well, just tell me. You're paying me. I want it to be perfect. Just tell me. Now yeah, I've been told I have a commanding presence and even that my stare can be intimidating before people get to talk to me, but really, I'm about as down to earth as you can get. My job is built on feedback. Good, bad, swear-y. Whatever it takes. That's how we get to perfection. You know? I'm not omniscient. No matter what my Instagram portends. I need to know what you want, how you want it. And I will take that info and create the best outcome for your business or non-profit. Worried you'll be offensive? I'm nearly 100% Irish. We don't get offended. We may get bomb-y, or fight-y. But never offended. It comes with the territory. It's part of the job. And it's how we take your ideas and make them work. So please, whether you're working with me or someone else and they're asking for your input? GIVE IT. It's like asking questions. ASK THEM. It's how the process excels. How creativity thrives. Ask and you shall receive. #webdesign, #branding, #graphicdesign, #smallbusiness, #consultations

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