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Thanks, 303 Creative

love is love, 303 creative

I just wanted to personally take a moment to send a sincere thank you to 303 Creative and their Supreme Court victory in being as grotesquely bigoted as possible. Congrats on the win, guys!

Congrats on proving that discrimination and hate still very much hold rank in our country. That screaming the loudest about our own "rights" still matters more than being decent people. Thanks for fanning the flames of division, as well. I hope one day, this ridiculous chest-beating about rights becomes seen as exactly what it is: small-minded people with even smaller IQs using a document written against suppression and oppression to mask their bigotry for personal gain and vindication. Until then, I hope to see a massive surge in LGBTQIA-friendly service providers (present company included) come forward in solidarity. To show, unequivocally, that hate has no place to hide and love will always win. Even if it takes a millennia to see it come to fruition.

Little word of advice: just because you have the "right" to be a crappy person, doesn't mean you should be.

Thanks, 303 Creative.

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