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SEO-h What?!

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

SEO, or technically speaking, search engine optimization is the sexy, mysterious cousin to great UX (user experience) design. And it’s often neglected. Mainly because it’s highly misunderstood and sometimes because, well, good SEO is a slow standing ovation. You don’t see the benefit of SEO instantly. So it’s like that whole ”eating healthy” fad that rears its head every new year.

Who needs that?


Well, I hate to break it to you, sugar bumps, but if you have a website that you want anyone to, ya know, SEE? You need SEO.

But... where to start? There are keywords and long tails and tags and meta tags and hashtags and Who Hash... okay, so, we threw in Who Hash. If you noticed it as being the one that “doesn’t belong” you get a gold star.

But in all seriousness (wow. Never thought I’d be able to use that seriously.) if you’re feeling the least bit overwhelmed by SEO, it’s probably best to look for an SEO expert. Now listen, I am Queen DIY. So I understand the urge to buckle in and do it yourself. But this is one of those times, much like rewiring a house, that you would save time and money having someone who knows what to do, and pay them to do it.

Things like structured data, algorithms, and meta tags are just some of the keys to whipping your SEO in shape and helping you find that traffic and, in turn, traction that every business needs to succeed.


We can help you get there and make sense of your site and its SEO ranking with a handy dandy, sometimes terrifying site audit. And yes, it is exactly as horrific as it sounds. The audit uncovers every flaw that’s holding your site back from reaching that higher google ranking. Every stray bit of crap code, or poor keyword. Flushed out in all its glory so we can fix it and make it work better.


If you’re getting that anxious feeling reading this? That gurgly, “maybe I should move closer to the commode“ reaction is typically a really good sign that your SEO isn’t cutting it. Your body knows. It always does.

Contact us today to get a grip on your SEO and start finding the traction your business is dying for.


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