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Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Believe it or not, I get a lot of clients demanding to see me. Because, for some reason, how I create masterful websites and designs is contingent on what I look like.

So here it is, kids. The money shot. So while I’m here, how’s about a little info on the designer behind the curtain?

First off, if you are looking for an overly serious experience, I may as well tell you now, it’s not gonna happen here. That’s not to say I don't take my work seriously, quite the opposite (just look at my reviews.) It’s more about the fact that I don't think stone-cold-seriousness and tension are proof of great work. I believe in laughing through the rough spots and joking through the stress. Life is much too serious on its own, so you can either choose to wallow in it or laugh at it. I prefer to laugh.

I also don’t believe in trends. Never have. I’m a deviant in every sense of the term and I believe that when you shine with your style and your passion, you rise above any trend out there. And I urge my clients to do that. Speak with your voice, not Elon Musk’s. And you will attract what you desire. So don’t expect run of the mill with me.

I’m genuine to a fault. And that means that when I work with you on a project, I make it my own. Your success is as important as my own and I will do everything I can to make it happen. It’s not all rosebuds and unicorns, though. With that also comes truth. I’m not a ”yes” girl. If I believe something may be a bad decision, I will tell you flat out. I’ll try and pretty it up a bit to lessen the blow but if I feel it’s a decision that will be detrimental to your project, I will tell you. Consequences be damned. Luckily I’ve never lost a client or friend to this stalwart honesty... I’ve been called somethings but that’s another post for another day. But if you’re looking for a “yes” girl, you’re going to have to keep on searching.

I like animals and fight for their rights. If you don’t and think they’re lesser than, well, you should probably keep on truckin’. (There’s that honesty again, eh?) I believe in climate change and equal rights and the silly notion that everyone deserves the right to pursue their hearts desires. Again... not your cup o‘ tea? No worries and good luck. I’m not going to shove it down your throat (when you’re right, you’re right) but I also won’t partake in being told what I can and can’t be passionate about. That’s a big faux pas for me and is the fastest way to get a one way ticket to a Fiverr designer.

And there we are. The designer. Mystery demystified.

If you'd like to read a little more, check out my interview with Goodfirms this past summer.

A Dying Art Company - Interview
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