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Influencers: Really?

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Why you need to stop following influencers and gurus NOW

Lately it's been slapping me in the face a lot more than usual that marketing, particularly toward women or for women, is absolutely freaking bananas. And pointless. So here we are in a rant-filled blog post. Hoo-ray!

If you've seen any of my other posts, or even perused my website, you know that I'm not a big fan of trends, groups, etc. Frankly, they've always felt like a truly maniacal scheme to take away any individuality and replace it with some banal, "approved" version. Blah. I don't have time for that, and you shouldn't, either.

I'm sure you've seen it, too. The mindless "mindset" or "manifest" posts telling you to believe that you're successful or believe that you're thin or happy and it will be so. And while I believe mindset does play a huge role in the outcomes of our fate, it is not a quick way to fix a situation. A diabetic can't simply think themselves un-diabetic and eat ten Snickers, the same way a fledgling business owner can't simply sit and contemplate success and wake up financially secure. It's just not how it works. Believe me, if someone figured that out they would be a bazillionaire and they sure as hell wouldn't be peddling their goods in Facebook groups. M'kay?

But it's part of the social media culture isn't it? We're living in Oz with all of these wizards and their vast wizdom floating around behind sunny-beach and tropical destination curtains, telling us what we need. And what they can give us for only $29.95 a month of coaching or consulting or Tik Tok advertising. Hot damn! Really? I can get my heart and brain and courage for $30 bucks a month?! Sign me up!

And the biggest issue I have with these false prophets of success? They all seem to be geared at women. Women helping women. Women mentors and coaches. Good god, can we get a more watered down version of ourselves out there? Are we really so pleased to be doing something other than chores that we're chomping at the bit for any multi-level marketing or "collaboration" we can find? Are we so lost that we've forgotten what we want? Do you just stare into the fridge unsure of what you're hungry for because an Instagram influencer didn't post a meal update today? C'mon! You know what you want. I have to believe you do. It's in there. Even if it's buried under years of dirty laundry and regret. It's there. And not I or coach so and so, or anyone else is going to help you find it. You gotta get in there and dig ... it ... out. Bring it back to the surface. Spiffy it up and use it.

"Oh ho ho ho there, honey cakes... you can't just start something on your own! What will you do? What if you fail? What will they think? What will they say?"

:: GAG::

First of all, who is "they?" Your family? Friends? If they are your family and friends they shouldn't say a damn thing. Because those are the people who are supposed to support you. Flop or not.

I'm gonna give you a little insight here... all those influencers and gurus have managed to "master" is social media advertising and click funnels. That's it. Those 3.2 million views they get, I am willing to bet my house, that they don't equate to sales. They're just clicks. They're playing the numbers game, more hits and one is bound to stick. So they get ya on the hook with their "super easy, introvert friendly, do it in your pajamas while sucking down margaritas" schtick with a free "one and done" crash course. How they "did" it. (Remember, they're still selling so what they "DID" is still a mystery here) And then oh look a shiny welcome email. And oh look, a pretty reminder email not to miss out on this black hole exploding webinar! Where you're gonna learn to manifest and align and mindset yourself silly! (Kinky, eh?) And then you get to the webinar and the first 25 minutes is just a reiteration of all that they've accomplished. "No money in my account and with a rabid camel strapped to my back through 5 foot drifts of snow..." blah blah blah... Then about 15 minutes worth of Google-able nuggets for your business (such as the importance of niche-ing,) followed by a sassy Q&A and WHAM! Look out! Here's the sale pitch! "If you're really serious about not living pay check to pay check you need to join my master class (insert some other ridiculous name here!) and let me coach you. One on one! (aka with one of my associates) And we'll help you find freedom from the 9-5. (All the way to our bank!) And there ya go.

Now if you happen to see through this and come away wondering: If they're so successful why are they pitching $999 master classes on Udemy? Or, I've never heard of them why should I trust what they say? Or any number of reasonable questions, CONGRATS. You didn't fall for it. But most will. At least once. And it's in that cycle you will stay. Because at the end of your master class-enlightenment coaching session, you'll come away with nothing. (Wow! Even with all those "verified" reviews?!) Yep. Nothing. But doubt.

Because, wait for it... it's all a sales pitch. You've been played and used and it's shitty.

There is no master class for success because there is no other you.

No one can tell you what you need or what's going to help. Even if they have the same exact business model. It's not the business. It's not the model. It's you and what you bring to it. So yeah, take some advice. Read up on successful cohorts. Do your due diligence. But never ever underestimate what you're doing and what you can accomplish. And no, before you think it, I'm not feeding a line of BS here. I know full well there are some of you that are going to be terrible at business for one reason or another. But it'll only be because it's not for you. The same way zoology isn't for everyone. Or master chef.

The moral of the long-winded story (hey, I warned ya) is that there is no quick fix. No magic bullet. And when it comes to your business and brand and voice, you really do know what's best. You just gotta try. So ditch the webinars or shortcuts. Ignore the influencers on lazy beaches. Keep doing what you're doing. Evolve. And be your damn self.


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