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Equality: More than a buzzword

The last week's uncalled for tragedy and subsequent and warranted response has left a lot of people confused about equality and what that means. Oh, not me... no. I'm not confused by how watching a handcuffed black man crushed to death by a white cop could instill anger and action. I'm not confused about how a country with its foundations, quite literally, built on the oppression of people can hasten an overwhelming response from those people. And I'm not confused how self-involved white people can't see the forest for the trees. No, I'm not confused. I'm sad. I'm pissed. I'm basically bubbling with rage. Rage because we haven't evolved as a people. Because we won't step out of our own bubbles and feel for one another. Because people shouldn't have to literally fight for their right to exist. Because our nation has never been great and it will never be great until we work together, as the human race. Our history is built on segregation and grouping people. It's built on keeping those at the top, at the top. And those at the bottom working to reach a top that is unattainable and ever shifting. It's a mirage. And it's meant to keep us apart. It's much easier to control groups of people that are fighting among themselves than it is to control one group, standing in solidarity. Until we learn this, we'll always be scrabbling for the left overs. What lessens one of us, lessens all of us.

America needs to wake up. Now. There is no place for silence or apathy. And we need to come together and fight back this stranglehold that we've empowered with that apathy and demand more for each other. Equality isn't just a race issue. It isn't just a sex issue. It isn't just an economic issue. It's an American issue. I truly believe we can find peace if we allow true equality to exist. Lets fix it. #blacklivesmatter #blm #georgefloyd #solidarity #yourpainismypain #saytheirnames

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