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Content, Content, Everywhere

This is more of an informational post as I get asked A LOT, "does the content on my site?" Which always strikes me as odd because... I am a content writer for hire. So unless I missed this day of class, why would a content writer hire someone to write their content?

So the answer, which again, shocks most clients, is me. I write the content on my site. Every word hammered out on a keyboard on some dark, stormy night by yours truly. There's usually a cat of some sorts nearby and some music playing. Some dogs snoring or licking their nether regions. And typically it's stream of consciousness. (I'm not a big note taker-layouter-wireframer-mind map kinda girl) And there you have it. Mystery solved. Now, the next question I get as a follow up, is... can you write for me? Or my site? Or blog or eulogy... and the answer is yes. And while my format of writing for my site may not be the ideal for a client, I'm adept at writing in many tones, for many subjects, at many times. And there you have it. Just one more way, I'm helping the world through amazingness. You're welcome.


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